Essex County Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Willing to Fight for Your Rights When a Serious Accident Has Occurred

In the United States each year, more than 30,000 people die as a result of motor vehicle accidents, while hundreds of thousands of others are seriously injured. While accidents occur because of many different factors, some car, truck and motorcycle crashes happen because of poor decision making and carelessness on the part of drivers.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a motor vehicle accident that resulted from someone else's negligence or recklessness, Rothenberg, Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC, may be able to help you recover financial compensation to cover your lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. We help clients in Union County, Essex County and across New Jersey.

Decades of Experience With Vehicle Accidents

The Essex County lawyers of Rothenberg, Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC, are highly experienced with all kinds of highway and road accidents, having handled hundreds of cases over the years. We represent people in motor vehicle accident matters involving:

  • One car or multiple cars
  • Trucks, trucking and commercial vehicles
  • Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and ATVs
  • Bicycles and pedestrians
  • Negligent vehicle maintenance, design and repair
  • Distracted driving: drivers talking or texting on cellphones or mobile devices
  • Drivers speeding, running lights or stop signs, or making left-hand turns
  • Negligent design or improper maintenance of ramps, roads and bridges
  • Uninsured and unlicensed drivers

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Case in point: Negligent design and improper maintenance of an off-ramp by the state of New Jersey led to a one-car accident where a plaintiff was rendered a total quadriplegic, suffered for more than four years post-accident, and died. A second plaintiff sustained a closed head injury and fractures with residual effects. The case was settled during the second week of trial for a gross amount of $7,550,000, including $7,000,000 for the estate of the most significantly injured plaintiff.