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Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that afflicts millions of Americans. Symptoms of bipolar disorder include dramatic shifts in mood and temperament. A person with bipolar disorder may feel overly excited at one moment and seriously depressed in another moment. Any person who lives with these types of mood swings may be very limited in what he or she can do. Many people with bipolar disorder are not simply able to maintain gainful employment.

If you have bipolar disorder and are not able to work, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits may be available to help you support yourself. Working with an experienced lawyer can go a long way to helping convince the Social Security Administration (SSA) to accept your claim for benefits. Rothenberg, Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC, has helped many people with serious mental impairments recover SSD benefits.

Morris County Bipolar Disability Attorneys Serving People Across New Jersey

The SSA regularly and routinely denies disability claims. The SSA denies claims for one reason: the applicant has not met the applicable criteria. When you work with a lawyer who understands these criteria, you will have a better chance to get these benefits. Our Essex County bipolar disorder attorneys understand how to make the strongest possible case in support of your claim.

People with bipolar disorder face challenges when building a disability claim. Unlike physical injuries that are visible to the naked eye, people with mental impairments, like bipolar disorder, will need substantial medical evidence to prove they have this condition. Our lawyers will work with your medical providers, guiding you to appropriate specialists as necessary, in order to document your condition. Once we have all available documentation, we will take all necessary steps to persuade the SSA that you are entitled to disability benefits.

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