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Chronic fatigue syndrome, as the name suggests, refers to continuous feelings of extreme tiredness. People with chronic fatigue syndrome will still feel tired even after a good night's rest. Any person with this condition may have significant difficulties working and enjoying everything that life has to offer. If you are unable to work due to chronic fatigue, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. A lawyer can be very helpful in making the strongest possible case for these benefits.

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Trust in Rothenberg, Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC. Our law firm represents people in disability claims before the Social Security Administration (SSA). We have the knowledge, experience and skill to help you put your best foot forward in your disability claim. We understand that you would prefer to work and not have to apply for these benefits. All the same, our lawyers will gather all medical information to show that you meet the requirements for SSD benefits and present this information in a compelling fashion to the SSA.

Helping You Go Step By Step Through The Process

People with chronic fatigue syndrome face a number of challenges when applying for SSD benefits. First, the disease is often difficult to diagnose. In order to prove this condition is preventing you from working, the SSA will need medical evidence that shows you actually have chronic fatigue syndrome. Next, you must be able to demonstrate that your condition will prevent you from performing work-related tasks. Our Essex County chronic fatigue syndrome attorneys will work with physicians and other medical professionals to prove that you have the symptoms for this condition. We will then show how these symptoms have kept you from working. Our detailed, aggressive approach has helped many people with serious physical and mental conditions recover the benefits they need.

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