Motorcycle Accidents May

Unfortunately, injuries involving motorcycle accidents many times result in severe injuries, such as fractures or death.

The good news in New Jersey is that motorcycle fatalities have declined over recent years, nevertheless injuries remain severe when persons riding motorcycles are injured.

A very important consideration when deciding to ride a motorcycle is to secure proper motorcycle insurance, especially coverage for payment of medical and hospital bills. A person applying for motorcycle insurance should specifically inquire as to coverages available for payment of medical and hospital billing, in addition to coverage for personal injury, as well as other coverages that may be available. Many times persons injured in motorcycle accidents do not have sufficient coverage.

Motorcycle safety studies indicate that many riders do not wear helmets and have not taken a motorcycle safety training course. Statistics indicate that only half of motorcycle riders wear adequately protective boots, jackets, brightly colored clothing and consider other safety precautions.

There is no question that wearing a motorcycle helmet reduces injuries. New Jersey requires that a motorcycle rider wear a safety helmet that is approved by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. There are approximately 2,500-3,000 motorcycle accidents each year in New Jersey resulting in approximately 75 fatalities. There should be no question that wearing a helmet reduces fatal injuries.

Jury verdicts involving injured persons riding motorcycles when the other driver is at fault are significant based upon the severity of the injuries. This is true throughout the United States as confirmed by a recent Florida verdict in the amount of $8,000,000.00 wherein a Hummer SUV failed to yield at a flashing red light and entered the intersection resulting in the wrongful death of the motorcycle rider.

Many roads in New Jersey are crowded and often times operators of automobiles and commercial vehicles simply do not observe the motorcycle rider. Important considerations for persons riding motorcycles are to take a motorcycle safety course, wear protective clothing and helmet, drive defensively, observe all traffic and have adequate insurance coverages including coverages to pay medical and hospital billing.