Amputation & Disfigurement

There is no way to truly understand the emotional and physical pain that an individual may endure after being involved in a devastating accident that has caused disfiguring injuries. However, Rothenberg, Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC, does recognize the significant financial implications of our clients' catastrophic injuries and will doggedly pursue full and fair compensation for their damages.

Have you or your loved one lost a limb or suffered any other disfiguring injury as a result of someone's negligent or careless actions? We can help you. Contact us today.

When You Have Been Catastrophically Injured, Turn To Us For Help

For decades, our New Jersey amputation injury attorneys have been helping our clients obtain maximized compensation that reflects the full financial, physical and emotional impact their catastrophic injuries have had on their lives.

When reviewing an injury claim, it is common for insurance companies to only concentrate on damages that can be measured financially, such as specific medical costs and wages. Our goal is to convey how your limb loss or disfiguring injury has affected every aspect of your life, in the past, present and in the future.

Our lawyers will thoroughly review your case with the expert help of medical professionals, as well as economists who can assist in projecting your future cost of living with your injury. Elements such as your mental health, reconstructive surgery and the effects your injury had and is having on your family will be considered and presented in your case. Our lawyers will gather information from you to help convey your life, collecting items like:

  • Medical records
  • Police records
  • Witness and expert testimony
  • Photos
  • Videos and other recordings of a typical day in your life to show how your amputation or disfiguring injury has realistically affected your life

We realize that no amount of financial compensation can fully heal the permanent injuries you have sustained, but it can help eliminate the medical debt and other financial complications you and your family are dealing with as a result of your accident.

Case Spotlight: Product Liability | $1 Million Settlement

Product liability claim against a truck-tractor manufacturer where the defect caused the plaintiff to sustain a crush injury to his leg leading to amputation.

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