Fighting Against Sexual Abuse In Health Care

People put tremendous trust in health care providers such as doctors, nurses and nursing home staff. When dealing with someone's medical health, the authority and access they need to make decisions is considerable. Unfortunately, they can also exploit this access for sexual reasons, and some of them do.

You do not have to tolerate sexually abusive medical staff and the institutions that enable them. Rothenberg, Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC, has a track record of successful prosecutions against negligent employers in New Jersey. It takes the full force of the law to effect change. We can help you do it.

Protecting Patients

Health care professionals frequently inspect a person's most intimate areas in the course of normal care. Knowing this, sexual predators will sometimes gravitate toward these professions. If they are not caught, the damage can be lasting and extreme. Our attorneys have represented clients who have experienced abuse at the hands of:

  • Hospital and ER doctors
  • Clinic staff
  • Nursing home assistants
  • School nurses
  • Psychiatric or residential treatment staff
  • Drug and alcohol rehab staff

Serial abusers will often use their position to shame or frighten their victims into silence, enabled by workplace policies that prioritize the institution over the victim. You do not have to stand for this kind of treatment. The law is on your side, and our lawyers will use it to hold these individuals and organizations accountable.

Organizations Are Perpetrators, Too

Sexual predators are drawn to places with weak protections. When they strike, it is often because there were insufficient safeguards in place to prevent their behavior. Even after a criminal trial, you may still be able to sue a medical organization for its failure to screen its employees or monitor them sufficiently. Depending on the exact circumstances, you could recover significant monetary damages.

We Will Fight Alongside You

We are committed to obtaining justice for our clients from our office in Clinton. Sexual abuse in any context is unacceptable, and we will use every law at our disposal to combat abusive individuals and institutions.

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse – at any time – please contact us. You can reach our attorneys by email or by phone: 800-815-0180.