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Electronic log books can help you after a commercial truck crash

Certain risk factors drastically increase the likelihood of a collision. Exceeding the speed limit, paying attention to something other than the road, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and driving while exhausted are all major risk factors that can increase the potential for a crash.

If you have ever had to drive after an exceptionally long day at work or a very bad night of sleep, you probably understand how exhaustion can make driving much more difficult. It is harder to remain focused when you are tired, and your reaction time can become substantially longer when your brain needs rest. Unfortunately, not everyone can stay off the road when they're tired.

Those who drive for a living, for example, will typically have little recourse if they have a bad night of sleep or just feel too tired to safely drive. Commercial drivers are often subject to quick turnaround times and strict scheduling that could leave them at increased risk for a collision. Thankfully, digital driving records make it easier than ever to prove if exhaustion or law-breaking factored into a truck collision.

Commercial drivers must use electronic logging devices

For many years, truckers carried a physical book in their vehicle that outlined when they drove and when they rested. They could then provide this book to law enforcement in the event of a crash or their employer at the end of a long haul to prove compliance with federal trucking rules.

Unfortunately, some individuals chose to manipulate that system to their gain. Some drivers even go as far as carrying two sets of books so that they can flagrantly violate the Hours of Service rules that limit how long truckers drive. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) make it much more difficult for a truck driver or their company to alter the record of when they take breaks and when they drive.

That is because the device feeds directly from the truck's computer system, thereby creating a thorough record of when the truck is in motion. Although it is possible to change electronic records, doing so leaves a digital footprint that can help prove tampering occurred in the future.

Records in violation of the law or altered violations can help your case

Getting into an accident with a commercial truck could leave you with catastrophic injuries or huge amounts of personal property damage. Commercial trucks have the potential to wreak havoc on other people because of their size and weight.

Anyone who gets hurt in a crash caused by a commercial truck will want to recover their financial losses if possible. Electronic logging devices make it more straightforward for you to prove that someone has either violated the Hours of Service rules by driving for too long or potentially attempted to hide inappropriate actions by manipulating or altering the records of their drive time.

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