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New Jersey Pedestrian Safety

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Rear End Collisions

There are generally two (2) requirements necessary in order to prevail for monetary damages in a pain and suffering accident case. Firstly, someone else must be at fault. A good example of an accident where someone else is at fault is when one vehicle rear ends a second vehicle. Typical…
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Drunk Drivers

Juries in New Jersey continue to return significant awards to persons injured by drunk drivers, many times in the millions of dollars. These jury awards have been recovered not only against drunk drivers, but also bartenders, bars, taverns, as well as others responsible for serving alcohol such as homeowners and…
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Dwi Temperature Probe Issue

The Appellate Division has recently heard and resolved a case on the following issue: whether blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results derived from an Alcotest 71110 MKIII-C (Alcotest) device are admissible against defendants in driving while intoxicated (DWI) prosecutions when the device has been calibrated with a Control Company, Inc. temperature…
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