Slip And Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall accidents many times result in severe injuries requiring hospitalization, surgery and convalescence.

Slip and fall accidents occur in many different locations and as the result of negligent conditions such as failure to maintain a sidewalk or stairway, failure to remove debris, improper removal of snow and ice, as well as other types of negligence.

A typical requirement necessary for a land owner, or other person or entity responsible for the premises, is to have notice of the negligent or dangerous condition. Typically, a supermarket may be required to have adequate notice necessary to clean a spill in an aisle, or remove broken glass.

A snow and ice contractor may require sufficient time to remove snow and ice before being responsible to a person who may slip and fall.

Public entities such as a Post Office or Public Library require certain procedural notices in order to be sued for a negligent slip and fall accident. Certain institutions such as churches may have immunity. These types of cases are very time sensitive.

Slip and Fall accidents can occur as the result of poor or inadequate lighting, improperly maintained and slippery floor surfaces, improper elevation changes on stairs, and also at the work place. Employees injured when slipping and falling during work, and in the furtherance of their employer's business purposes, may be covered by worker's compensation. If someone other than their employer is responsible for the fall, there may be additionally a negligence case as against a maintenance contractor responsible for the fall.

Sidewalks may be elevated as the result of weather conditions, tree roots, or improper maintenance.

In many cases, injuries as above are covered by various insurance policies.

It is important for any person injured as the result of a negligent condition located on premises to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Insurance companies look to see when an accident was reported to the responsible party, many times as a condition of coverage.

The Statute of Limitations in New Jersey for filing a lawsuit for negligence such as a Slip and Fall is two (2) years from the date of the accident. However, there may be other time requirements such as a ninety (90) day Notice as against a public entity as required by the New Jersey Tort Claims Act. The importance of immediately consulting with an attorney, therefore, cannot be over emphasized.

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