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New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Essex County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Personal injury claims arising from motorcycle accidents are often far more complicated than claims involving other motor vehicle accidents. If you have suffered serious injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one as a result of a motorcycle accident, you need a legal team with experience and focus to help you get the compensation you need. We have helped clients injured in motorcycle accidents for decades, and we are ready to do the same for you. Our skilled motorcycle accident lawyers are focused on helping our clients get full and adequate compensation. To discuss your motorcycle accident case with an experienced legal team you can trust, contact Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC today and schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Essex County motorcycle accident lawyer today.

Causes of New Jersey Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than other types of vehicles because they provide less protection to those who ride them. When accidents happen, they are often quite serious. Even when motorcyclists are driving safely, other drivers can behave negligently and cause a serious accident. Some of the factors that may contribute to a New Jersey motorcycle accident include:

  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Reckless driving
  • Other drivers who are inattentive
  • Poor visibility
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Texting while driving
  • Hazardous road conditions

Overcoming Complications In Motorcycle Cases

Motorcycle accident cases are different than traditional auto accident cases, for various reasons. Some of the complications of motorcycle accident personal injury cases include:

  • Fault: Sometimes the cyclist is at fault in the accident due to speeding or weaving in and out of traffic where other cars couldn’t see him or her.
  • Catastrophic injuries: In most cases, the injuries suffered from motorcycle accidents are severe.
  • Wrongful deaths from motorcycle accidents are common.
  • Insurance issues: Many motorcyclists do not understand their insurance policies because they function differently than car or truck insurance.

At Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC, we are well-versed in these issues and have the skill it takes to overcome them for our clients.

Understanding Insurance for Motorcyclists

Most motorcycle insurance policies are complicated, which makes it difficult for motorcyclists to receive the treatment they need after sustaining serious injuries in an accident. Motorcyclists are not offered Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance in New Jersey, which means they may need to purchase their own separate motorcycle insurance policy. Since insurers know that motorcycle accidents are often more severe than other motor vehicle accidents, they refuse to provide that level of protection. For most motorcycle accident victims, financial compensation via personal injury claims is the only way to cover the costs of medical expenses and lost wages from work. That is why we fight to the end for our motorcycle accident clients.

Contact an Essex County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you are considering your options for seeking compensation after a motorcycle accident, please consider Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC. We offer exceptional client service and a dedication to getting our clients the best reward possible. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your options with an experienced Essex County motorcycle accident lawyer today.

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