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The work that police officers perform is essential to our safety and to maintaining an orderly way of life. But it is dangerous work, and workplace injuries are common for police officers.

At Rothenberg, Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC, we are proud to represent injured members of New Jersey's police force. Our New Jersey police injury attorneys are experienced and focused on helping our police officers get the best compensation possible to get back on their feet. As hard as police officers work, they do not make huge salaries. Most of our injured police officer clients absolutely need their personal injury compensation to pay for medical expenses and lost wages and to continue providing for their families. When failure is not an option, call Rothenberg, Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC.

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Compensation For Your Injuries

For police officers who are hurt on the job, the process of recovering financial awards for lost wages and medical bills is similar to the process used by any other worker. Workers' compensation is one of the main sources of financial compensation for these injuries. The good news about workers' compensation is that it is a no-fault system. Even if you were partially at fault for the accident by not following OSHA standards or safety policies of the police force, you can still receive compensation.

Third-Party Claims · The Fireman's Rule

The bad news about workers' compensation is that you are limited as to what you can recover, and in many cases, the compensation received in this system is not adequate to truly cover the costs of medical expenses and lost wages.

However, if the accident was caused at least in some part by the negligence of another party, there is a chance to bring a claim against that party for greater compensation for your injuries. This possibility used to be blocked by the so-called "fireman's rule," which prohibited the filing of personal injury suits by firefighters and police officers from accidents arising in the course of their work. New Jersey has abolished the fireman's rule, so now there is a chance for this recovery.

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One of the first steps to take after an on-the-job injury as a police officer is to call one of our lawyers. We will listen to your story and talk with you about your legal rights and options. Either call our office or contact us online for a free initial consultation.