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Drunk driver kills one, injures another

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People in New Jersey often eagerly await the long Memorial Day weekend as it ushers in the unofficial start to the summer season. The holiday commonly sees people getting together to remember those who have served the nation and enjoy time with friends and family. Unfortunately, a holiday weekend can also see drunk drivers taking to the road without regard for the safety or lives of others.

The friends and family members of a young woman just finishing her first year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are today left with nothing more than her memory due to the reckless and selfish choices made by an intoxicated driver. As reported by, the man drove his sedan into the oncoming lane of traffic along a stretch of Route 9 just before midnight, hitting another sedan in the process. There were two females in the car struck by the impaired driver. The passenger is a teenage girl who is 15 years old. She was transported to a hospital for treatment of her injuries but no details on her condition are known. The driver, who was 19, was also taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the young woman was not able to survive her injuries and was declared dead at the hospital.

The drunk driver allegedly tried to run away from the scene of the accident but was apprehended. He faces multiple criminal charges including vehicular manslaughter, driving while intoxicated, assault by automobile, and leaving the scene of an accident. No information is available on any potential civil actions just yet.

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