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How much will your injury really cost? Serious construction injuries require a great commitment of resources and time if you wish to recover. Some issues come with the possibility of never making a full recovery, and that carries a cost of its own in pain, suffering, and lost earning potential. As personal injury lawyers, it is our job at Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC, to help our New Jersey clients understand the true scope of their losses.

Your case would probably begin with a look at medical bills, past, present, and future. We believe that this practical and data-driven foundation is the best way to reach an agreement that might help alleviate our clients’ suffering. Please read on for an estimate of medical costs for some common major injuries. Brain injuries sustained from falls, car accidents, or other construction accidents have a large range of severity. However, even the least severe of these serious problems could cost you around $85,000 over the entire course of treatment.

Broken hips from slips or falls are among the most serious bone fractures. They impede mobility, sometimes for life. They could cost you around $80,000 in total. If you were lucky enough to survive a severe electrical incident, you would probably have serious side effects. These include burns and possible disfigurement. The total cost for treating these medical issues could be over four million dollars, depending on the site and degree of the burns.

The first step we would take would probably be taking a look at these concrete and economic damages to determine a reasonable amount to claim. After that, we would write proposals that have the best chance of obtaining the compensation you need to put your life back together.

If you or someone you know has sustained an injury, whether on the job, on the road, due to a medical professional’s negligence, or otherwise, our firm is here. Rubenstein, Berliner & Shinrod, LLC has helped countless victims of negligence over the years, and we are ready to do the same for you. Contact our firm today so we can get started.

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