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Who is Responsible For Injuries Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions?

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Many accidents occur due to one driver’s error or negligence, but sometimes another factor outside of any driver’s control can help cause a collision. Dangerous road conditions are a good example of something that can contribute to an accident, but who can be held liable for that? Our New Jersey auto accident lawyers will help you answer that question and seek out compensation from the right sources.

What Kinds of Dangerous Road Conditions Can Contribute to Accidents?

Usually, the target here would be the city, state, or municipality in charge of maintaining the roads. It is their job to ensure that the roads are safe and free from common hazards like:

  • Damaged guardrails
  • Poor lighting
  • Faint lane lines
  • Deep potholes
  • Missing or obstructed road signs

Any of these dangerous road conditions can easily contribute to a car crash. If you believe that something like this helped to cause your accident, you can sue the government which was in charge of keeping the roads safe for everyone.

How Long Do I Have to Sue a City or State?

When you decide to sue a government entity, you need to act quickly. This is because the state limits how long you have to sue and get legal action started. This is always true in a personal injury case, but most of the time the statute of limitations lasts for years. When suing a municipality or city in New Jersey, that timeline shrinks down to just 90 days.

You must file a claim and let the government know that you are planning to sue. If you do not act within this narrow time frame, you lose your right to sue for compensation. This is why it can be good to have a lawyer on your side. One of our attorneys can take care of paperwork like this for you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries and getting back to your normal life.

Can I Sue Multiple Parties After an Accident Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions?

If another driver was also involved in the crash and you believe that they were partly at fault, you can sue them for damages as well. In some cases, dangerous road conditions are a contributor to an accident, but another driver makes things more dangerous by acting in a reckless way. For example, the road has not been properly plowed, so it is still slippery from snow or ice. Then another driver crashes into you because they were speeding over this slippery surface,

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