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Is texting while driving still a problem?

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New Jersey residents have likely heard about the many campaigns designed to end texting while driving. However, what is the actual impact these campaigns have made on the safety of the roads? Have they really brought down the level of threat that texting while driving poses?

While these campaigns have certainly brought more attention to the issue of texting while driving, certain sources like CBS News actually say that drivers continue to text while driving in spite of being aware of the dangers. A new survey has recently revealed that of the 98 percent of drivers who text regularly, 75 percent have admitted to texting while driving in spite of understanding the risks and knowing about the laws. Additionally, 66 percent admit to reading messages while stopped at red lights or stop signs. A third admit to sending texts while driving, and over a quarter think that it’s easy to multitask while behind the wheel.

Statistics prove otherwise, though. Distracted driving is quickly rising to compete with driving under the influence as the most preventable cause of car crashes. Of distracted driving behaviors, texting while driving is considered one of the most prevalent and thus one of the most deadly. Over 3,000 people were killed in 2017 alone because of distracted driving. Though campaigns have been launched to increase awareness, the fact that so many people still engage in the behavior despite knowing the dangers cannot be overlooked.

As for you, if you have been involved in a crash related to distracted driving, you may want to contact an attorney. They can help you gain the compensation you deserve for any injuries you have suffered from.

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