Construction Site Accident

In a case set for trial in Essex County, New Jersey, the plaintiff, an electrician's assistance, fell through an opening in a newly constructed home suffering severe fractures at T11-12 that left him a paraplegic. The plaintiff was installing wiring at a construction site of a high end new home.

Several weeks before his arrival on the job, the framing subcontractor created a staircase that would lead from the second floor to the basement.

The framing subcontractor failed to install temporary steps, and covered two ten foot long L-shaped openings with boards that did not fit properly. After the improper coverings, another subcontractor doing HVAC work, moved the boards and placed them on their edges resulting in the absence of any coverings to the open area.

The plaintiff, who had never been at the site and had started working on the other end of the home, stepped backwards as he was in the course of installing wiring in the ceiling. He fell through the opening in the stairwell area to the basement resulting in the devastating injury.

The plaintiff maintained that the owner, general contractor, and subcontractors failed to follow proper OSHA industry standards for safety and failed to supervise the job site.

The plaintiff also alleged that the contracts between the parties created a supervisory role on behalf of the owner of the property even though they were not on site and had hired a professional to manage the construction.

Due to plaintiff's injuries, he will require extensive future medical care and special dietary needs that range from $3.5 million to $5 million for his lifetime. He will not be able to obtain employment in the future and was earning approximately $30,000 per year. The case settled prior to trial for $3,650,000.00 and represents an extreme case of construction negligence and a massive injury that could have been avoided with proper safety warnings and supervision.

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